A1 poster size refers to poster size that measures 33.11″ x 23.39″ (594 x 841mm)

A1 Poster size

This a1 poster size example is perfect for use with posters, music posters, shop windows, inside houses and club promotions.

When printing a1 poster size you should use a high quality xerox gloss coated paper.

When preparing to print an A1 poster size be sure to embed all of the fonts, make sure that your file is sent in a print ready PDF with CMYK 300 dpi or more. Also you must make sure that all of the images and the text are 6 mm away from the edges so that none of your artwork is cut off. Finally do not send publisher files or PowerPoint files these are very difficult for the printer to customize and resize.

When designing one of these posters in Photoshop you should select > new file under the presets option and select the option A1 size.

Alternatively you cant create your own preset by entering the measurements and save the name as “A1 poster size” for future use.

A good policy to follow when designing using the a1 poster size is to include wording in large bulk letters and keep the spacing between these letters tight, this draws more attention to them, when you have a poster like this a minimalist approach is usually the best as there is not a whole lot of space for writting.

If you have any more quesitons about A1 poster size please leave a comment below.

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  1. Md.Zubair says:

    a welcome message need to be displayed in A1 or A0 size with person name and company name.(Single copy only)

  2. thanks you very much. but please can u help me more on how to dissign posters on photoshop

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