Over the years there have emerged many consistencies through different printing companies and advertisers to use specific standard poster size.

This can be seen in the bus stop advertisements, pin up posters, movie posters, and many other mediums.

What we can provide is these consistent sizes that I have personally researched and come across over time including research into size consistencies seen between the world’s largest printing companies. Please read and enjoy, also, bonus: movie poster size.

Standard Poster Sizes

Smallest  – 11” x 17”

This is the smallest standard poster size they are ideal for street lights, bulletin boards, and generally putting up on businesses without taking up too much room and offending. These also work the best with a minimalist approach to text. Big letters big message.

 Medium  18 “ x 24”

A little more information can be displayed on this standard poster size. I would still recommend some minimalism and little text. These posters are mainly seen as small adverts on university residence floors, doctor’s offices, construction walkways and bulletin boards.


 Large– 24” x 36”

This is one of the most common standard poster size (Super A1). These posters are used for most applications including outside of events, trade shows, and malls. Also widely used for small movie posters delivered to fans and posters for decoration like in University residences and outside a pub or club.  With these types of posters you will be grabbing attention with a large message and you can include further details in small writing so after the message is received people can choose whether to come closer and learn more.

Movie Poster Size

Movie poster size has enjoyed some of the most consistent standards within the industry and have benefited from collectors and the film industry’s standardization.

Movie Poster Size


Most Common movie poster size – Portrait Format Poster – 27” x 40”

This is the most common standard poster size for movies used for advertising movies, collectors, and sometimes basement decoration.

Largest – Bus Stop Poster – 40” x 60”

This is the largest movie standard poster size before moving on to custom sizes they are most commonly used for bus stops.


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